BioSeq LifeScience manufactures complement, cell separation media, cell purification immunocolumns, neuronal cell lines and a wide range of antibodies and offering customers in other markets access to high quality, affordable products from around the world. We serve customers within academic and industrial research institutes, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and hospitals. Headquartered in Chennai India, BioSeq LifeScience represents numerous companies exclusively allowing us to offer a comprehensive line of products in biological, chemical, and diagnostic fields at very competitive prices. BioSeq LifeScience’s portfolio also includes various OEM products which we offer in India. We maintain close contact with our customers and stay up to date on scientific developments by attending various local and international scientific conferences.

Company Profile

BioSeq LifeScience is a supplier of life science products that operates out of Chennai, India with a small, but dedicated group of scientists. BioSeq LifeScience provides the research community with high-quality reagents backed with rigorous quality control data, expert scientific support, and fast delivery. “Discovery through infinite solutions, Excellence through quality product” With over 7,000 products, our growth can be attributed to the continual production of cutting edge research products. Our diverse portfolio of primary antibodies, antibody conjugates, proteins, immunoassay kits and small molecules bridges across the life sciences, including products for cancer research, cardiovascular disease, cell signaling and neuroscience. To aid research worldwide, BioSeq LifeScience has an extensive network of that allow us to supply reagents to over large customer base. In the years to come, BioSeq LifeScience will continue to aid life science research by providing “Discovery through infinite solutions, Excellence through quality product”.

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